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  • Qemami Outlet


    We are working on establishing a mall in Al-Kharj in Riyadh, which will be one of the biggest economic malls in the Middle East for discounted goods. in addition, this mall will be considered as the first step and rock in building many malls around Saudi Arabia.

  • Majed Abdullah Academy


    The biggest Arabic Academy in the Middle East for supporting and encouraging youth to bring out healthy and sporty generations can communicate successfully with their society and show their efforts on the sporty level.

  • M9


    A special sports brand in the world provides sport shoes and clothes, products, and accessories.

  • Sell and Buy


    An online shopping website with reliable shipping services supported with designed tools to maintain the sound of express shipping and pay, which makes transactions more easier..



  • Qemami Express


    Sending or receiving shipments weather they are heavy or weightless, standard or express. In addition, Qemami express has solutions for everything noticing that the head office will be in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

  • Qemami Society


    By many programs and services organized to develop the society, charitable and voluntary work and contributing them.

  • Qemami Tourism


    provides E-Tickets and Reservations for individuals and business man.

  • Majed World


    It’s a free card allows its owner to get discounts for many products from several stores, restaurants, hotels, travel and tourism offices, and malls.